Knowledge of epidemic prevention and health.
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○ How do patients with no fever go to the hospital?

First, try to avoid getting a fever clinic. Second, the waiting time can be reduced through online registration and appointment in advance. 3. Wear disposable medical masks and above. Fourth, try not to touch the items and environment in the hospital. Fifth, carry hand disinfectant and disinfect in time. 6. Those who have the conditions can wear gloves.

○ How to use disinfectant?

First, do not use chemical disinfectants for physical disinfection. 56 ℃hot water can kill the virus in 30 minutes, or boil for 10 minutes. 2. When using chemical disinfectant for air disinfection, it must be used in unmanned indoor environment. Third, external surfaces such as roads, squares, lawns, etc. should not be sprayed with disinfectant repeatedly. Avoid using aircraft to spray disinfectant widely. 4. Spraying a large amount of disinfectant on the human body, including forcibly passing through the disinfection channel, has the risk of damaging human health. Fifth, special hand disinfectant for hand disinfection, it is safe to use multiple times a day.

○ How do I disinfect my coat after going home?

(1) The clothes worn outside are separated from the clothes worn at home, and the coat is hung at the door. There is no need to disinfect the coat every day. Second, if you feel that the jacket may be contaminated, such as contacting some people with suspicious symptoms, you need to disinfect the jacket. High-temperature-resistant clothing can be boiled in hot water, or dried in a dryer for more than 80 degrees for 20 minutes. Clothing fabrics are not resistant to high temperatures, and can also be soaked and disinfected with chemical disinfectants. 3. Disinfection of chemical agents has its own disadvantages. Be sure to operate according to the methods and dosages described in the instructions.