The mystery of chinese medicine.
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According to the data of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as of 00:00 on March 15, the proportion of Chinese medicine participating in treatment in Hubei Province was 91.64%, the proportion of Chinese medicine participating in Wuhan was 89.10%, and the proportion of Chinese medicine participating in treatment was 92.41%. In the national diagnosis and treatment plan, the participation of traditional Chinese medicine has always been a very important part, and it has attracted great attention from the outset. Not only have three expert groups of Chinese medicine practitioners been sent to Wuhan to carry out their work, but five batches of national Chinese medical teams have also been sent to Wuhan.

A large number of clinical data and observations show that Chinese medicine has obvious effects in the early prevention, preventing the transition from mild to severe critical illness and the recovery period after cure, and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine has greatly reduced the rate of serious illness and death. rate. Experts have also repeatedly emphasized that when there is no effective vaccine and specific medicine for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, traditional Chinese medicine is a good way to provide another way to fight the epidemic.

Yang Yi, chief physician of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview with China Daily that Western medicine often pursues targeted medicines. If there is inflammation, it should be anti-inflammatory. If there is a virus, it needs to kill the virus or produce anti-virus antibodies. It is a different system. It is more about the balance of yin and yang inside the body, and it can fight external infections by regulating the overall immunity.